The European Society
of Human Genetics


European Human Genetics Conference 2010

Gothenburg, Sweden - June 12 - 15, 2010

in conjunction with the

European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics

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in conjunction with
The European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2014

and the
Società  Italiana di Genetica Umana

Conference venue: Milano Congressi, Viale Eginardo (Gate 2), Milan, Italy

We wish to thank over 3,000 participants and over 130 exhibitors and their staff for having attended the ESHG Conference in Milan. We hope to see you in Glasgow in June 2015.

The European Human Genetics Conference 2014

The European Human Genetics Conference (now in its 47th year) is a forum for all workers in human and medical genetics to review advances and develop research collaborations.

The conference has become one of the premier events in the field of human genetics with over 3.000 delegates, more than 215 oral presentations, 13 workshops, 8 educational sessions, and over 130 exhibiting companies.

The ESHG conference is where the latest developments in human genetics are discussed, and where professionals from all parts of human genetics meet.


Web streaming of the Tuesday Plenary Sessions

View the 3 plenary lectures from Tuesday, June 3 via web-cast:

- Building Bridges Session in Incidental Findings (joint with ASHG & EMPAG)
- Mendel Lecture
- ESHG Award Lecture

Access the streaming

Videos are now available as on-demand download.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It was 1997 in Genoa the last time when the European Society of Human Genetics met in Italy, so it was time to be back. On behalf of the Italian Society of Human Genetics (SIGU). I am honored to invite you to attend the European Human Genetic Conference 2014 that will be held in Milan May 31 - June 3, 2014.

Milan, known as the industrial capital of Italy, also treasures a notable artistic as well as scientific tradition. Just think of Leonardo da Vinci, the visionary genius, author of the Codex Atlanticus and of the Last Supper, that you will be able to admire in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and in the Refectory of S. Maria delle Grazie, respectively. In that tradition, Milan is today the place of many Universities as well as a host of research institutes, providing the right climate for an international scientific meeting, such as the ESHG Conference.

Likewise, the Italian Society of Human Genetics will contribute to the success of the Conference with a large participation of its members and with all possible measures of support.

Human genetics continues to progress at an unprecedented pace and every annual meeting promises to bring new data to the attention of the scientific community, fostering productive debates and further progress. In this respect, the Milan Conference will not differ from previous ones. Therefore, I expect a numerous and enthusiastic participation. I can promise that your visit will be a memorable one.

Arrivederci a Milano in 2014!

Antonio Amoroso
President, Societa  Italiana di Genetica Umana and Local Host of the ESHG 2014