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Genetic Sounds - A Colourful Chat about all Things Genetic

Listen to the sixth and final episode of our genomics live podcast session talk from the European Human Genetics Conference 2022 in Vienna.
In this episode, we discuss the wide topic of “What is the future in genetics?”

On the panel we have a wonderful range of guests including; Gijs WE Santen a clinical geneticist from the Netherlands with a special interest in dysmorphology, in particular Coffin-Siris syndrome, and prenatal genetic testing. Professor Clara Gaff, an Executive Director for Melbourne Genomics who has worked in public health, government, academic and not-for-profit sectors. Khadijah Bakur, a Genetic counsellor with expertise in understanding the role of religion -specially the role of Islam - on decision making for patients. And Alexander Hoischen, who has expertise in the identification of rare disease genes using latest genomics tools. Hosted by Nichola Garde and Mariangels Ferrer-Duch.

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