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ESHG Education Committee

The ESHG Education Committee (EduComm) is seeking new members.

The purpose of EduComm is to oversee a portfolio of the highest quality education and training in genomics. This is primarily aimed at members of the ESHG. However, there is a recognition of a responsibility to provide resources to health professionals and scientists outside of genomics.
Providing resources and educational materials to members of the public is also within the remit of the group, but is not the primary ambition.

EduComm is committed to working with members of the ESHG and external providers to provide a broad range of educational resources including, but not confined to courses, online resources, and a mentorship scheme.

The education portfolio should be targeted to all levels of expertise from basic level understanding of genomics (where the greatest input and needs are placed) to high level expert training often delivered through state of the art educational symposia at the annual conference.


  • Provide oversight and guidance for a portfolio of training courses that meet the needs of the membership. These courses should be affordable, aim to ensure equitable access and be of the highest educational quality.
  • Facilitate access to existing high-quality, free, online educational resources, by health professionals who are within or outwith the field of genetics and genomics.
  • Provide input into the ESHG Scientific Program Committee (SPC) to suggest educational content for the annual conference. The Chair of EduComm will sit on the SPC.
  • Provide management and oversight of a mentorship scheme for junior researchers, geneticists and health professionals.
  • Interact and work with the educational committees of similar international genomic societies e.g ASHG to produce joint resources.
  • Interact with commercial partners (where approved by the ESHG Executive Board) to deliver and support educational activities.
  • Support and encourage all educational activities delivered by the ESHG.

The term of membership of the committee is 4 years with the potential to renew for a further four year period. Virtual meetings will take place on a minimum three monthly basis. This will be reviewed dependent upon progress and tasks and additional meetings may be scheduled as appropriate. Each EduComm member should attend a minimum of 50% of meetings over an 18 month period otherwise they will forfeit their position.

We are seeking at least two members with responsibility for the:

  • Mentorship and observership program

  • Podcasts and digital learning

Applications will be accepted from ESHG members until 3rd May with a planned start date  for successful applicants of 1st June 2024.

Please indicate in <300 words your prior experience in genomic education and why you should be considered to be appointed as a member of Educomm.

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Members of the Education Committee

Member Start End Role
Bill Newman 2020 2024 Chair
Rita Matos 2023 2025 Young Geneticists
Patricia Calapod 2021 2025 Addressing disparities
Edith Coonen 2022 2026 International relations
Christophe Cordier 2016 2024 DNADay essay and Video contest
Johan den Dunnen 2017 2025 Courses
Vita Dolzan 2021 2025 Online courses
Sofia Douzgou Houge 2021 2025 Podcasts
Gulcin Gumus 2022 2026 Eurodis Representative
Liz Loehrer 2022 2026 International relations
Sally Ann Lynch 2021 2025 Addressing disparities
Carmen Navas 2022 2026 International relations
James O’Byrne 2021 2025 Disparities/Metabolic genetics
Inga Prokopenko 2019 2023 Chair-elect, Courses
Feliciano Ramos 2022 2026 EBMG Representative
Raquel Silva 2022 2024 Young Geneticists
Cecilia Soares 2021 2025 Public education/Engagement
Ed Tobias 2020 2024
Co-opted members      
Adam Tobias

The Role of the ESHG in Delivering Genomic Education

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