The European Society
of Human Genetics

Strategic Committee - SC

The Strategic Committee (SC) has been established as a new ESHG committee in 2023 to shape the vision of the society, positioning the ESHG as the key European and international hub in genomic medicine. The increasing evidence for genetic contributions to human diseases, along with technological advancements, is namely rapidly reshaping medical practice.

The SC’s mission is to analyze emerging trends, identify challenges, and recognize opportunities for translating cutting-edge genomic science into clinical practice. With a focus on advancing genetic science, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and care for genetic and complex diseases, the committee formulates strategic initiatives and provides informed guidance to the ESHG Executive Board.

Key Objectives of the Strategic Committee:

  • Developing the ESHG Strategy: Crafting a comprehensive strategy for the society to guide future actions and priorities.
  • Enhancing the Role of Genetic Professionals: Defining and promoting the critical role of genetic professionals within health systems.
  • Fostering Integration of Genomic Medicine: Building strategic collaborations with medical societies, patient organizations, industry partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Establishing a Platform for Genomic Medicine: Creating a forum for discussing and advancing genomic medicine within EU and international health systems.
  • Influencing Health Policies: Shaping health policies to support the integration and advancement of genomic medicine.
  • Encouraging Public Engagement: Promoting dialogue and engagement with the public regarding the use of genomic information.
  • Promoting Professional Development: Supporting continuing education and professional growth for ESHG members and other stakeholders.

These objectives represent a selection of our key initiatives, highlighting some of the critical areas of focus. In its efforts, the SC will seek advice from the ESHG board, national societies, other ESHG committees, and the entire ESHG membership. Our main priority for 2024/2025 is the development of the four-year ESHG strategy.


Members of the Strategic Committee

Member Start Role
Borut Peterlin, SI 2024 Chair
Lina Basel, IL 2024 Member
Valerie Cormier-Daire, FR 2024 Member
Francesca Forzano, UK 2024 Member
Gunnar Houge, NO 2024 Member
Peter Krawitz, DE 2024 Member
Gert Matthijs, NL 2024 Member
Inga Prokopenko, UK 2024 Member
Rebecka Pestoff, SE 2024 Member
Birute Tumiene, LT 2024 Member