The European Society
of Human Genetics

ESHG Award Laureates

ESHG Award

From 2003, the European Society of Human Genetics is presenting  its own award.  Professor Peter Harper was the first award holder.

Nominations are requested each year for the following year (closing date the last day of the European Human Genetics Conference).  Candidates working in Europe may be nominated from any of the disciplines.  Nomination letters describing the scientific accomplishments of the candidate should reach the chairman of the Scientific Program  Committee before the last day of the European Human Genetics Conference.


ESHG Award Laureates

Before 2003, the Mauro Baschirotto Award was presented.

Mauro Baschirotto Award

The Mauro Baschirotto Award, established in 1992 and funded through the philanthropy of the Mauro Baschirotto family, was presented by the European Society of Human Genetics during its annual European Human Genetics Conference in recognition of individual achievements in human genetics. As well as being invited to give the Mauro Baschirotto lecture during the conference, the laureate received a gold ring, specially designed by the silversmiths of Vicenza in Italy and cast in a single copy each year, and a cheque for EUR 1,500 to cover the expenses of participating in the Society's European Human Genetics Conference.

 Mauro Baschirotto Award Laureates

2002 Albert de la Chapelle
2001 Robin Winter
2000 Dirk Bootsma
1999 Patricia A. Jacobs
1998 Jean-Louis Mandel
1997 Leena Peltonen
1996 Malcolm Ferguson-Smith
1995 Jean Weissenbach
1994 Mary F. Lyon
1993 Pierre Maroteaux
1992 Lore Zech