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of Human Genetics

Mendel Lecturers

Mendel Lecturers

Since 2006 the European Human Genetics Conference closes with the lecture of a distinguished speaker.

In 2009 this lecture was officially named "Mendel Lecture" and a prize symbolising a guilded wrinkled pea, in reference to Gregor Mendel's research, is awarded to the lecturer. The prize was designed by Swedish geneticist Alicia Bergsten.

ESHG Mendel Lecturers

2024 James R. Lupsky  
2023 Shankar Balasubramanian see lecture
2022 Jay Shendure see lecture
2021 Dennis Lo see lecture
2020 Aviv Regev  
2019 Craig Venter see lecture
2018 Emanuelle Charpentier, Nobel Laureate 2020  
2017 George M. Church see lecture
2016 Sir Adrian P. Bird  
2015 Thomas S├╝dhof, Nobel Laureate 2013 see lecture
2014 Mario Capecchi, Nobel Laureate 2007 see lecture
2013 Huda Zoghbi  
2012 Evan Eichler  
2011 Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Nobel Laureate 2009  
2010 Mary Claire King  
2009 Sir John Burn  
2008 Leroy Hood  
2007 Aaron J. Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate 2004  
2006 Sydney Brenner, Nobel Laureate 2002