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Call for research project proposals 2024 edition

The Mia Neri Foundation Onlus (MNF) will fund two basic research projects on childhood brain tumors with a €100,000 grant. Submission until June 30th.

The Associazione Mia Neri Foundation Onlus (MNF) ( will fund two basic research projects in the field of childhood brain tumors with a 100,000 grant for each project over a two-year period. Priority will be given to projects submitted by young investigators. The proposals will be reviewed by experts in the field and the winners will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the MNF, based on the reviewers’ evaluations.

Project proposals should be submitted to the MNF at mianerifoundation(at) no later than June 30th 2024 in the following format:

  1. Proponent’s name, short cv and contact details
  2. Project  title and abstract (half page)
  3. Background, including preliminary results
  4. Hypotheses and specific aims
  5. Research plan, including expected outcomes
  6. Name of external collaborators, if any          
  7. Budget

Sections 3-5 should not exceed 5 pages, excluding figures and references. Font no smaller than Times New Roman 12, margins at least 2 cm each.

The proposals should be accompanied by a letter of acceptance of the Institution where the research project will be carried out.

The winners will be announced no later than October 31st 2024

Funds will be made available in two installments of 50,000 € each after clearance of the project by the local Ethics Committee, if required.

Inquiries on this call should be addressed to Giovanni Neri, president of the Associazione Mia Neri Foundation at mianerifoundation(at)