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Length of program:
ESHG currently offers an observership up to 4 weeks in clinical departments or human genetic laboratories from highly regarded European human genetic departments. 

The ESHG offers EUR 2,000 funding to up to 5 candidates to cover travel (including visa) and accommodation. A reduction can be applied if the candidate stays less than 4 weeks (500 euro/ week). The funding will be received by the candidate at the end of the observership after presenting to the ESHG the document offered by the host institution in which the period of the observership is mentioned.


  • Gain insight into the day-to-day practice in a human genetics department.
  • Participate in grand rounds, seminars or different educational activities.
  • Enhance the observers medical and technical skills.

Eligibility criteria: 

  • The candidate must be a current member of the ESHG.
  • The candidate has to have an outstanding resume.
  • The candidate must provide proof that they are training in human genetics through a statement from their current University/Hospital supervisor.
  • The candidate is eligible to an “ESHG Observership for Young Geneticists” once; if unsuccessful in their application there is no limit to subsequent applications.
  • To have a letter of acceptance from the host institution.

Observership Requirements:

  • Must be fluent in the English language.
  • Must complete the Observership Application.
  • Documents to be submitted: 2 page curriculum vitae, 1 page motivation letter, letter of acceptance from the host institution, statement from their current University/Hospital supervisor.

Observers will be responsible to arrange for:

  • Finding a host institution that will accept him/her for the observership.
  • Accommodation, transportation,  food.
  • Health and personal safety insurance.
  • Obtaining an entry visa if applicable (the host can issue an invitation letter for which you might be asked to indicate personal data, like name, DoB and passport number.

Closing date for applications Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The online application form will be available before the end of December 2022.

Notifications of acceptance are expected to be available by end of February 2023.

We appreciate that the COVID-19 pandemic may impact the plans for this new scheme and will work with the awardees and insitutions to mitigate.