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ESHG 2017 - Copenhagen

Selected Lectures are available on our YouTube Channel.

Plenary Sessions

PL1: 50 Years of ESHG, Andrew Read, Han Brunner
PL3: ESHG-ASHG Building Bridges Debate: Ethical & Legal Discussions – Past, Present & Future, Ruth Chadwick, Mats hansson, Barbara B. Biesecker, Eric Juengst
PL4: Mendel Lecture by George Church
PL5: ESHG Award Lecture by Edith Heard
PL6 Young Investigator Awards


Educational Sessions

E02.1 Greg Findlay: Functionally assaying thousands of BRCA1 variants with saturation genome editing
E02.2 Guillaume Andray: The CRISPR revolution: engineering structural variants to study disease
E03.2 Ken Offit: 2 decades after BRCA: setting paradigms in personalized cancer care & prevention
E04.1 Renco Guerrini: Brain channelopathies
E04.2 Henry Houlden: Muscle channelopathies
E05.1 Deborah Mackay: Overview on imprinting related disease
E05.2 F. Brioude: Clinical & molecular overview of Beckwith-Wiedemann & Silver-Russel syndromes
E06.1 Martina Cornel: Gene editing, NIPT
E06.2 Yvonne Bombard: Balancing public health & biomedical ethics: The case of newborn screening
E07.2 Munir Pirmohamed: Implementation of pharmacogenomics in the clinic
E08.1 Philip Beales: Functional Genomics
E08.2 Marylyn Ritchie: Methods of integrating genomics data
E09.1 Eric Legius (for D.R.Gareth Evans): Neurofibromatosis Update
E09.2 Sergiusz Józwiak: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Update
E10.1 Dagan Wells: Karyo- and Meio-mapping for human embryo selection
E10.2 Joris Vermeesch: Haplarithmisis for human embryo selection
E11.1 Christopher Semsarian: Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young
E11.2 Florence Fellmann: Recommendations for the management of sudden cardiac death
E12.1 Ramona Moldovan: The added value of psychotherapy in the genetic counselling process
E12.2 Susan McDaniel: Genetics & Family Dynamics: Navigating the Road to Effective Communication
E13.1 Natasa Przulj: Mining biological networks
E13.2 Amitabh Sharma: Cellular Networks and Human diseases

ESHG 2016 - Barcelona

Access the recordings of the following sessions during ESHG 2016 in Barcelona as on demand webcast:

ESHG-ASHG Building Bridges Symposium S09. Debating germline genome editing
S16. Cardiovascular Genetics
Plenary Session: "My view on Genomic Medicine" by M.C. King, US & J.L. Mandel, FR
Mendel Lecture by Sir Adrian Bird, UK
ESHG Award Lecture by Stefan Mundlos, DE

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The talks of the following Educational Sessions are available on our Youtube Channel:

E1. Novel genome sequencing technologies
E2. Genetic Privacy and Data Sharing (joint with EMPAG)
E3. Generation and use of Induced pluripotent stem cells
E4. Peroxisomal disorders - still a need for metabolic assays?
E5. Ciliopathies
E6. Cost-effectiveness in genetic testing
E7. Cleaning the noise from Big Data
E8. Clinical interpretation of genetic variants

ESHG 2015 - Glasgow

View the following sessions as on demand web cast:

Opening Plenary Session: Deciphering Developmental Disorders, by Matthey Hurles, UK & Ribonucleotides embedded in genomic DNA, by Andrew Jackson, UK
ESHG-ASHG Building Bridges Symposium: Genetic Testing in Children
Plenary Debate: "Should all geneticists have their genome sequenced?"
Mendel Lecture: The neurexin enigma - from synapse formation to schizophrenia, Thomas Südhof, United States
ESHG Award Lecture by Svante Pääbo, Germany

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ESHG 2014 - Milan

View the 3 plenary sessions from Tuesday, June 3, 2014 as on demand webcast:

- Building Bridges Session "What if...?  Incidental Findings an interactive debate" (joint with ASHG & EMPAG)
- Mendel Lecture: Gene Targeting into the 21st Century: Mouse Models of Human Diseases from Cancer to Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Mario Capecchi, United States
- ESHG Award Lecture: Signatures of Mutational Processes in Human Cancer, Michael Stratton, United Kingdom

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