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The enhanced Programme Planner and Itinerary Builder sponsored by Illumina enables you:

- to search programme and abstracts by Abstract Title, Author, Keywords and Institutions and Text
- to view abstract text
- to browse and view all sessions
- to pick papers or entire sessions and to add them to your personal itinerary through the meeting. This itinerary can be printed and/or downloaded to a mobile device.
- for the first time all sessions (including business and ancillary meetings) are available)
- Please note, that due to a technicality all poster sessions need to carry the starting date  of June 24. Nevertheless, poster viewing with authors is scheduled as follows:
-> odd poster numbers: Sunday, 10.30 - 11.30 hrs
-> even number: Monday, 10.30 - 11.30 hrs

Access the Programme Planner and Itinerary Builder.

Note: Most of the conference abstracts are freely available and can be reported from the time they appear on this website.   Any abstracts that will form part of the media programme will not be published until the day of their presentation and will be embargoed to that date.  Embargo dates and times are given on the press releases and should be adhered to. When asking for outside comment on releases before the embargo has lifted, journalists are requested to ensure that those consulted understand and accept the embargo conditions.

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Abstracts are also available for download (7MB pdf).

Young Investigator Awards

The ESHG awards prizes of EUR 500.- for outstanding research by young scientists presented as a spoken contribution at the conference, namely:
- Young Investigator Awards for Outstanding Science
- Isabelle Oberlé Award for Research on Genetics of Mental Retardation
- Lodewijk Sandkuijl Award for the best talk in Statistical Genetics
- Vienna Medical Academy Award
- ESHG Poster Awards
All young scientists submitting spoken presentations are encouraged to apply. The nominee must be first author (i.e. presenting author) on an abstract submitted for spoken presentation and should not be more than four years post-doctoral and not a Principal Investigator (P.I.).

The best scored abstracts in each topic, which could not be selected for oral presentation will automatically compete for the ESHG Poster Award.

Authors wishing to be considered for these awards should complete the appropriate boxes during abstract submission.
Closing date: February 20, 2012

Conference Fellowships

A number of conference fellowships will be awarded by the Scientific Programme Committee for applicants from Central and Eastern Europe. Authors wishing to be considered for a fellowship should complete the appropriate box during abstract submission. The nominee must be first author (i.e. presenting author) of an abstract submitted for either oral or poster presentation, and should be not more than six years postdoctoral.
Closing date: February 20, 2012

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2012 Submission Topics

One topic must be selected from the following:

  1. Genetic counseling, including Psychosocial aspects, Genetics education, Genetic services, and Public policy
  2. Clinical genetics and Dysmorphology
  3. Cytogenetics
  4. Reproductive genetics
  5. Prenatal and perinatal genetics
  6. Cancer genetics
  7. Cancer cytogenetics
  8. Statistical genetics, includes Mapping, linkage and association methods
  9. Complex traits and polygenic disorders
  10. Evolutionary and population genetics, and Genetic epidemiology
  11. Genomics, Genomic technology including bioinformatics methods, gene structure and gene product function and Epigenetics
  12. Molecular basis of Mendelian disorders
  13. Metabolic disorders
  14. Therapy for genetic disorders
  15. Laboratory and quality management