The European Society
of Human Genetics

Joint Memberships with European National Societies

Become a Joint Member and save

The ESHG offers the possibility of joint memberships with a number of European National Human Genetics Societies. Individuals will sign up with their national society and can at the same time become a member of ESHG by paying an additional fee of EUR 85 per calendar year.

The ESHG has currently formal agreements with the following societies about joint memberships:

  • Austrian Society of Human Genetics (ÖGH)
  • British Society of Genetic Medicine (BSGM)
  • Clinical Genetic Society of Croatia
  • Finnish Society of Medical Genetics
  • German Society of Human Genetics (GfH)
  • Icelandic Human Genetics Society
  • Irish Society of Human Genetics (ISHG)
  • Lithuanian Association of Genetics
  • Lithuanian Society of Human Genetics
  • Norwegian Society of Human Genetics (NSHG)
  • Slovenian Society of Human Genetics
  • Spanish Association of Human Genetics (AEGH)
  • Swedish Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics (SFMG)
  • Swiss Society of Medical Genetics

For more details on individual membership with your national society, please see here for contact details.

Should you be a representative of a national society and be interested in entering a cooperation with ESHG on joint memberships, please contact us.

For joint membership with the American Society of Human Genetics, see this page.