The European Society
of Human Genetics

6th Meeting 2010

NHGS-6, 2010

6th Meeting of the European Human Genetics Societies

Sunday, June 13, 2010, 11.15 - 13.15 hrs
Room J1, Gothenburg Convention Centre

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  1. Welcome
    Milan Macek Jr., NHGSs Liaison and President Elect

  2. Self-presentation of the participants

  3. ESHG highlights
    Dian Donnai, President of the ESHG

  4. Introduction to topics selected for presentation
    Milan Macek Jr., NHGSs Liaison and President

  5. Special Guest presentation: Additional protocol to the Oviedo Convention on Genetic testing
    Laurence Lwoff, Council of Europe

  6. Current status of the recognition of the clinical / medical genetics specialty
    Milan Macek Jr., NHGSs Laison and President Elect

  7. Current status of the preparations for recognition of the laboratory genetics specialty
    Jacqueline Schoumans, Chair ESHG Ad-hoc Committee Ad-hoc Committee for the Accreditation for Laboratory Geneticists

  8. Current status of Genetic Nurse and Counsellor Ad Hoc Accreditation Committee
    Heather Skirton - Chair of the Committee

  9. Current activities of the PPPC: Reccommendations on DTC testing
    Martina Cornel, Chair ESHG Professional and Public Policy Committee (PPPC)

  10. Eurogenest: Overview of its outcomes
    Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Vice president of the ESHG

  11. ESHG Quality Committee
    Ros Hastings, Chair Genetics Services Quality Committee (GSQC)

  12. DNA Day 2010
    Peter Farndon / Celia DeLozier - ESHG Education Committee

  13. Strategic collaboration NHGS with ESHG - FP7/F8, EUCERD, certification of clinicians, infrastructure projects
    Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Martina Cornel


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