The European Society
of Human Genetics

14th Meeting 2018


14th Meeting of the European Human Genetics Societies
Sunday, June 17, 2018, 11.00 - 13.00 hrs
Milan - MiCo 
Room Yellow 2

  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Milan Macek, NHGSs Liaison of the ESHG

  2. Self-presentation of the meeting participants 

  3. ESHG highlights  
    Christine Patch, President of the ESHG

  4. European Board of Medical Genetics (EBMG)
    Angus Clarke, Chair of EBMG 

  5. ESHG Public and Professional Policy Committee (PPPC)
    Martina C. Cornel, Chair of the PPPC
  6. Education Committee, ESHG sponsored courses and “Teaching the trainers”
    Inga Prokopenko, London, Education Committee    
  7. DNA Day 2018
    Christophe Cordier, ESHG Education Committee DNA Day Coordinator 
  8. European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) activities
    Bela Melegh, President of the Clinical Genetics Section of UEMS   

  9. Guest presentation - Horizon2020 project 
    Olaf Riess, Tübingen               
  10. Guest presentation 2:Challenges in variant classification and reporting
    Gunnar Houge, Bergen
  11. Guest presentation 3:Eurogentest: diagnostic next generation sequencing 
    Hans Scheffer, Nijmegen 

  12. Guest presentation 4: IFHGS
    Helena Kääriäinen, Helsinki

  13. Guest Presentation 5: ESHG - EuroGenTest Quality Subcommittee
    Ros Hastings, UK