The European Society
of Human Genetics

7th Meeting 2011

NHGS-7, 2011

The 7th Meeting, National Human Genetics Societies (NHGS-7) took place Sunday, May 29, 2011, 11.15 to 13.15 hrs, in Room E102, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands.


7th Meeting of the European Human Genetics Societies
Sunday, May 29, 2011, 11.15 - 13.15 hrs
Room E102 - Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre

  1. Welcome and introduction of topics of the meeting
    Milan Macek, NHGSs Liaison and President of the ESHG
  2. Self-presentation of the meeting participants
  3. ESHG highlights and EU-wide recognition of the clinical genetics specialty
    Milan Macek, President of the ESHG
  4. Special Guest presentation: “Recommendation CM/Rec (2010)11 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the impact of genetics on the organisation of health care services and training of health professionals”
    Inge Liebaers, Chair of the CoE Working group
  5. Current status of the preparations for recognition of the laboratory genetics specialty: Dutch curriculum as a template
    Bert Bakker, ESHG Committee for the Accreditation for Laboratory Geneticists
  6. Eurogenest2 continuation of a success story: aims and objectives
    Gert Matthijs, EU Project Coordinator
  7. Techgene: next generation sequencing in diagnostic practice
    Hans Scheffer, EU Project Coordinator
  8. Databases for compilation of detected variants related to next generation sequencing: Dutch initiative 
    Johan den Dunnen, Leiden Genome Technology Centre
  9. Current status of Genetic Nurse and Counsellor Ad Hoc Accreditation Committee
    Heather Skirton - Chair of the Committee
  10. Current activities of the PPPC: next generation sequencing, newborn screening and behavioural genetics 
    Martina Cornel, Chair ESHG Professional and Public Policy Committee (PPPC)
  11. ESHG Quality Committee 
    Ros Hastings, Chair Genetics Services Quality Committee (GSQC)
  12. DNA Day 2011 
    Celia Delozier- ESHG Education Committee