The European Society
of Human Genetics

Social Media Committee - SMC

The ESHG Social Media Committee has been created at the beginning of June 2023 and will expand its activities over time. More details are to follow soon

Members of the Social Media Committee

Member Start Role
James Fasham, UK 2023 Chair
Teodora-Maria Barbarii, RO 2023 Member
Juliana de Miranda Cerqueira, FI 2023 Member
Ana Matos, PT 2023 Member
Alisdair McNeill, UK 2023 Member
Aleena Mushtaq, UK 2023 Member
Vigdis Stefansdottir, IS 2023 Member
Joris Veltman, UK 2023 Member
Jerome del Picchia   ESHG Office
Oscar Pacheco   ESHG Office

Key overarching aims of the committee:

To use increase social media engagement (followers / mentions/ likes / retweets) around ESHG and the annual meeting to:

  • increase interest, activity and membership of the society
  • increase attendance (virtual and in-person) at the annual meeting